Caryn, here is a tricky question

Tickle feet torture Kelli by a gang

That is torture in itself. Then we would stop almost long enough for her to catch her breath before we started up again. There were six of us girls total, and she was four years older than me. My sisters were all pretty much equally ticklish, although the ticklish spots would vary.

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On the other hand, she did nothing to deserve this torment. First time this happened to me is when I was in my mid twenties.

While it was hard, we gave her a break once in a while. Her thrashing before was nothing compared to the fit she threw, but there was no way she was getting free.

These were naturally his prime targets. Same situation as above except when you walk into the room, the only thing in the room is a tv screen showing the womans face.

Then we would stop

It would depend on how much fight we got out of her. You are to blame though, Caryn, for setting the example, and continuing with each new response you contribute to prove just how fond of tickling you are, and thus encouraging everyone to join in. She bubbled over with gleeful laughter. Nevertheless, for the tickler, it is very fun. As I recall, there were some who tied their victims up and went for the feet.

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One time, they even got a pair of those cheap metal toy handcuffs on me, so I was totally stuck. Maybe it happens more in larger families.

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They may try recording it as they did the last Time, if so i will post so you can see the toRture i am subjected to. It was so beautiful to see that usual serious look on her face slowly disappear and giving way to a bright beautiful smile. Caryl still gets it once in a while, and she is still a good sport about it. Though I would stop after a good while to let you catch your breath then start over again. Caryn, maybe you explain better what they are.

While it was hard weThat is torture in itselfThey may try recording it asThese were naturally his primeSame situation as aboveMy sisters wereHer thrashing before was