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They drove us

Soon Steve came in my mouth. This is a print version of story Fun Time.

They let us know we wereSoon Steve came in my mouthSimone said we should goThis time is was the turnThis is a print version of

We talked for a few minutes when Simone told me to meet her at the beach north of town. It was a relief for us girls to get off the trail and into a more secluded area, towels were laid out, and we set up the picnic. Simone who is all ways in a playful mood smiled back at the two naked men and called them over.

They drove us out into the less populated area of the island, to a wilderness area with trails and waterfalls and even an ocean view from on top of the cliffs. This time is was the turn to house the game.

They let us know we were going for a hike to an area they had heard of, and we would be having a picnic. Simone said we should go back to her place for swim in her pool and a few drinks. As I got to the car my mobile rang, it was my friend Simone. Mommy Fun Time It was my last month in my hometown before I had to leave for college and I was still a virgin. We stopped at our house and we all had some more wine and talked about what we did.

As I got to the