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Dating smith and wesson model 64 ctg

You risk marring the fine line separating the sideplate from the frame. Gas ring moved from yoke to cylinder.

Lots of good pictures, too. What say the book if you would not mind. The model has also been offered throughout the years with both the round butt and square butt, i.

It looks like it may be a good find. Eliminate screw in trigger guard, change cylinder stop. This one left the factory in and was sent with ten others to a firm in Buenos Aires. He said he even tried to talk the person out of the trade, but they insisted on the trade. Or so the story goes, but he did say if he didn't like the gun I could have first dibs on buying it from him.

The lock mechanism remained principally unchanged after this model. Anyway keep up the good work. It is inexpensive entertainment, and education on the finest revolvers made. My will pop off with one whack of rubber mallet and the will also pop loose with mallet and it has a rather large gap. Criminal Investigation Division agents were issued.

Eliminate screw in trigger guard change

Relocation of rear sight leaf screw.

It looks like it may

The trigger return spring is a flat leaf rather than the coil spring-powered slide used in variations dating from onwards. Army helicopter crew members and female military police officers were equipped with.

That is some real info you posted there, I guess I am going to have to see about getting the book. Other distinguishing features of the Victory Model revolver are the lanyard loop at the bottom of the grip frame, and the use of smooth rather than checkered walnut grip panels. Say while I am at it here. Any info you can provide about the gun I would be most grateful. With small ones in the house I would not want to have a multi wall penetrator.

If you do, make sure to not pry it off, but rather turn ot over and rap the grip frame take off grips beforehand with a plastic mallet until it pops off. The ejector rod is free-standing, without the under-barrel latch of later models The lockwork of the first model differed substantially from subsequent versions. It may reveal additional information about your gun. Change extractor rod thread from right hand to left hand. With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the.

The three chambers with rings should be alternating with unfired chambers of the cylinder. It is noteworthy that early Victory Models did not always have the V prefix. However some early models did use a checkered grip, most notably the pre manufacture.