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It's hit n miss on that one. In a local home game, watch for poker tells opponents may be showing with out realizing it. In summary, try to think of the conscious and subconscious motivations behind what people do. This is the case with other ostentatious behaviors as well.

Quicker-than-usual Calls Of all the bet-timing tells, quick calls are probably the most generally useful. They may be involved in other activities such as talking on a messenger, browsing the net or even multi-tabling too many tables. And double-checking hole cards can, to many people, convey uncertainty, so a bluffer would instinctively just not want to risk that interpretation.

Your opponent checks the flop and you bet. But many experienced pros focus solely on playing a good strategy, completely ignoring live poker tells in the process. One of the best sources for learning about poker tells is Caro's Book of Poker Tells. This way you can find their unique tells, and you can know which of the common tells may or may not apply to that particular person. Some people are just nervous all the time, and the hand shakes are a constant.

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If they use a card protector, they might neglect to place it on their cards when they intend to fold. This shows that your opponent is weak, because he wants to make you think that he is considering to make a move with his hand when really he wont be holding much at all. This is a good example of how important it is to interpret poker tells in the context of the surrounding situation. The quicker an immediate call occurs after the last card s has been dealt will be more likely to indicate a weak hand.

Another factor in interpreting immediate calls is the time that has passed during that round. Live tells are less about soul reading more about routine. If you think about it, if you are holding a monster you will not want to bet quickly and show confidence in your bet, which may scare your opponents out of the pot. This often means the raiser wants to get called. This is not intentional, but usually means a huge hand which equates to being nervous.