Now she is dating Justin Hartley

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Rafe continued to heal and as soon as he could be released from the hospital to continue his therapy at home, he fired Jordan and hired a new therapist. They moved several times and eventually split up so that Clyde would have a harder time finding them. It is said that Hartley is getting many offers for new projects. Ben and Clyde started to get closer much to Jordan's dismay.

This talented actor has

Jordan was very strict with Rafe's treatment plan. Jordan was furious when she learned Chad had goated Ben into assaulting him. Alexis Manta formerly portrayed the role of Amanda.

She looks tremendously hot in a bikini when she is divulging her smooth feet and sexy legs. Her different posts can be seen in Instagram and her twitter account. She is very hardworking and kindhearted person. Farewell tight skirts and high heels.

This talented actor has long way to go and give more to the industry with the incredible acting skills that he has. Jordan was terrified of losing Ben, so she stepped aside and supported Ben's relationship with Clyde. What Kate didn't know was that Clyde was an abusive father. Previously, Justin was married to his Passions co-star Lindsay Korman but due to unusual misunderstandings between then, the finally ended their relationship with a divorce. With a lot of workouts and continuous exercise, Hartley is able to maintain such an attractive masculine body.

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Now she is dating Justin Hartley. She has various photos in bikini in which she looks awesome and gorgeous.