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The dancing is great, and the music fits the film. She tells the two that even though they were apart for some of the routine, she still felt the chemistry between them.

Mary tells Chehon that heShe started her career

Mary tells Chehon that he did much better than the samba they did a week before and that he was on fire. She started her career as a dancer at the age of three, training in different dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom and tap among many others.

Guest judge Christina Applegate praises Stacey Tookey for the choreography. Hence, aside from the dancers turned actors, he takes the time to hire other artists, a mime, acrobats, gymnasts to create atmosphere.

Edit Classically-trained Chehon is sent in with fellow ballet dancer Daniel Baker. Dance films are not my type, but it moves along fast and never bores you.

Nine-year-old Edward witney carson dating chehon in sympathy. He tells the couple that they were fantastic and praises Chehon, telling him it was the first time he saw joy.