Then turn on your audio interface

Can you hook up mac mini to old imac

Many professional microphonesDisplay options You can control the

Many professional microphones require volt phantom power. Display options You can control the brightness of your iMac display while it's in Target Display Mode from a connected Mac.

You can also output your Mac's audio to professional speakers. You don't need to install additional software unless you have a surround sound speaker system.

You can also use the sound and media keys on the keyboard of the connected Mac to adjust volume and control playback of iTunes and other media. However, some people benefit from using scaled resolutions, which improves legibility by increasing the size of items on the screen.

For help hooking up your speaker system, read the documentation that came with it. Contact the vendor for additional information. Then turn on your audio interface. Target Display Mode isn't supported in Boot Camp. Step Obtain a display adapter, if necessary.

Wait for the Mac Mini to boot up and adjust its display settings to accommodate your monitor. As of the date of publication, Apple no longer includes this adapter with the Mac Mini. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. If your keyboard needs a third-party device driver, install it.