Still, it brings up a good point

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There are some things that wouldn't be as readily available to us had I not been in the Strokes. Still, it brings up a good point. Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.

It's actually kind

We were secretly in love but never really wanting to tell each other. What I get is that it's about a girl who's a dancer who doesn't believe in love. It was kind of like the songs were vehicles for us to get to know each other. For those ready to rock, look elsewhere. People seem to be enjoying it, which is cool, more than I had ever hoped for.

Together they've made a charming

It's actually kind of fun. Together, they've made a charming, tenderhearted debut full of whimsical bossa nova and twinkling indie pop. And then this guy comes along, who falls in love with her, and is shy to approach her he's scared about dancing in front of her, practices talking to her before-hand because he's nervous. She flirts with guys who all end up wanting her, but she never pays any attention.