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It also has branches in Pune and Mysore.

The members help each other out with tricks and tips, and organise long trips every three months. The group started out as a platform to bring together women bikers from all over the country to go on bike riding tours, show off stunting skills and set up bike races. There are several brands of bike gloves available in market, no matter whatever glove type you choose, make sure you wear gloves all the time you are riding. There have been endless posts on this and other forums regarding buying or renting Enfields and other bikes in India and even Goa.

Im travelling on a tight budget

The palm of the hand has numerous nerves and blood vessels and also several small-sized bones. Bike gloves are in fact like robe to your hands, and in case of an accident they take the first hit and protect your tender hands inside from receiving any shock. Many of the tourists here do, but I have noticed that only some of them wear helmets, and I have not in the week I have been here, seen a single tourist with some other sort of riding gear on.

Then, there are special water-proof gloves that are worn on regular glove even available together for those who ride bikes where sudden downpours could be anticipated. The group set a record in the Limca Book of World Records in for being the largest all-women group to ride to Khardung-La, considered the highest motorable mountain pass. Lets now assume that I buy or rent one.

But scores of women in India are breaking gender stereotypes and taking on the open road. Belivers in social justice, the group has taken out rallies in support of Nirbhaya and to create awareness about substance abuse.

Im travelling on a tight budget and would like to know if it is possible to find some motorcycle clothing around here, or even in Mumbai, Chennai etc. For those who ride in warm and tropical weather conditions, perforated or meshed leather gloves will be ideal as they allow air influx to keep the palms cool. To qualify as a member of this group, you have to complete three rides with the members. For the women in this group, tinkering with their bikes and overcoming gender stereotypes is as much as passion as riding. Its member are women who have fallen for the calm, sturdy grace of the Bullet.

For those who ride in warm

For those who ride bikes in places that receive heavy rains, water-proof gloves will be ideal. Written by Harikumar Varma.