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He and Annie start dating but then, Annie sleeps with his brother, Liam, which causes her confusion. He then starts dating an Iranian girl named Nika, whom he meets at Christina's party. Generation with the seating chart format was dating on the original teenage cast shakeup. Annie who doesn't understand his choice breaks up with him. Thankfully, they've patched things up at the end of the first season.

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Fox has not yet set a specific premiere date for the upcoming Beverly Hills, revival. Through his father's assistance, he eventually purchased and ran his own newspaper, first with Brandon, then with a woman named Janet Sosna. She was separated from Erin Silver and had relapsed into drinking again.

The scene ends with an awkward silence between them as Harry doesn't answer. They begin to date in secret but one night, Annie's cousin Emily sees them kissing and she tells it to Annie before an audition. With the bar having trouble staying afloat, Liam takes a modeling job.

He returns again towards the end of the season revealing that he is engaged to a girl named Madison and that he is now vastly wealthy, having started his own company. At the end of season three, Max gets caught in a cheating scandal and his parents force him to break off his relationship with Naomi. She is based in part on Brenda Walsh from the original series. Debbie seems to be the only one that is able to control Jen and prevent her from being her usual mean self. After finding out that Silver got a tattoo of his name, speed dating kent maidstone he is uneasy and has second thoughts about her.

Steve Sanders Ian Ziering. Kevin spent many months convincing Dylan and Jim Walsh to invest in Kevin's environmental research company, and then he and Suzanne stole the cash and ran to Brazil, taking Erica with them. After talking to Liam properly, acronyms Charlie tells him that he only let Liam get beat once whereas he got beaten almost every day.

  1. As Silver takes Navid away from the party, he confesses that he has feelings for her, but the moment is interrupted by Adrianna and Silver is left disappointed.
  2. She and Ivy have a fight on the beach over Liam.
  3. This led the Wilsons, Naomi, and a reluctant Tracy to conclude that Sean was not who he claimed to be, but someone who'd intended to scam them.
  4. Later, Liam asks Vanessa if she told everything she saw to the police.

Later on, Annie tells Liam that she wants him to move on with Vanessa, because she thinks she was inventing reasons for them both not to be a couple due to her being afraid to let him go. Cannon and nearly kills him with his knife that he threatened to kill her with. They dated briefly after Gina had enough of Dylan treating her like an ornament, but David ended things with her because she was still hung up on Dylan. Celeste then breaks up with John and reunites with Steve.

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Gina Kincaid replaced her after her departure. The two are reunited just as the season ends. Seeing this he takes down Jasper and starts to brutally hit him repeatedly as the police arrives. Now that Ivy knows that she and Liam will never be, benefits of dating she is able to move on. She managed to come to peace with both her daughters before her death.

Steve's father Rush Jed Allan is shown as an abrasive, overbearing, but doting and ultimately caring parent. This article has multiple issues. While Adrianna and Naomi are comforting her, she tells them she only texted Ethan because she was confused after what happened at prom.

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She later realizes she wants to be better person, and vows to do so. He and Gina, a new friend within the group, became romantically involved for a time. For example, Felice disapproved of her daughter mixing with the likes of Kelly and David and once even supported West Beverly's decision to suspend her daughter prior to graduation. He returns several episodes later, hiding in Naomi's hotel room. But what happens when old friends, first loves, friends and frenemies come back together again to continue where they left off two decades ago?

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He almost married Valerie's mother Abby, but stood her up at the altar. But when she thought of Dixon moving away, she said she couldn't breathe and she can't live without him. In revealing this, she also told her ex-boyfriend Harry Wilson that he was the father. He proposes to Brenda after knowing her for a short time, and they almost wed in Las Vegas before coming to their senses.

Brenda returns to Beverly Hills to star in a play and takes the opportunity to spend time with Kelly after gaining success as a theater actress and stage director in London. She moved to Washington, D. He kicked his drug habit and managed to avoid becoming an alcoholic.

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This angers Jen and she plans to kill Mr. Although manipulative and cunning, she is shown to be very intelligent, having knowledge of Aristophanes and his works. Fans will recall that Doherty left the show in the s under controversial circumstances. Portrayed by Jennie Garth for most of season one and five episodes in season two. Annie becomes closer to Liam and they share their family problems.

  • He was originally smitten with Valerie, who liked him but assumed he was a poor boat worker, and he broke things off with her when he found out she was also dating a rich guy.
  • Valerie later goes to the cops to turn herself in, and Abby finally forgives her, saying nothing that happened to her was her fault and Valerie can and must forgive herself too.
  • Garth departed the spin-off following the second season.
  • Played by Shaun Duke in seasons one to three, Omar Shirazi is Navid's father and a pornographic movie producer.
  • After being snubbed by his family, Teddy makes peace with Silver and moves to Washington D.
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Stuart Carson appeared in seven episodes. Four friends in a small coastal town help each other cope with adolescence. He and Ivy decide to fake being a real couple because they feel like outsiders. He and Naomi rekindle their romance, though she is continually tempted by newcomer Austin Tallridge. He uses them to help him work.

He has some storylines helping Brandon to defend his presidency in one episode but relatively minor compared to the other characters. He loves the main cast, and often comes to the rescue of the characters. Tata would be returning in recurring roles as their original characters.

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Naomi then hold his knife up against his throat, but after Silver discouraging her, she drops the knife and lets the police arrest him. He loses contact with Adrianna but in the last episode they decide to meet, Adrianna thinks Dixon is not going to show up so she leaves to go join Austin and produce music with him. He then tries to commit suicide because he couldn't live without Annie. Knowing that Silver has the cancer gene heading into the season, her doctor tells her that if she wants to have a baby she has to do it now before it's too late. She later tells Dixon about her and Oscar, bangladeshi online dating sites and Dixon breaks up with her.

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